Beautiful Life

Loving a child who is struggling with low self esteem can be one of the most painful things we face. 
After giving them all you can, it’s hard to watch them crumble under the pressures of life. 
We all know that emotional support is  important and yet, as parents and teachers we can feel  hopeless when it appears that we are failing to understand and support our youth.
You don’t deserve to feel alone just as your kids deserve to know their worth.
Young Anna
I completely understand because, as a child, I had very low self-esteem.
I was a girl who loved to sing and dance in the Christmas pageant.
My smile could light up a room until at age 4.
I was molested by three “friends of my family.”  Before I even went to kindergarten my spirit was broken.  I had amazing parents, teachers, and church leaders but I felt ugly on the inside.  And I knew the people who cared about me felt even worse, so I stayed silent.
As I grew, I fell prey to all kinds of negative circumstances in life because one thing was missing: I didn’t know that I mattered.

How You Can Support Us

For a donation of $5 I will also include three silicone wristbands with the messages:
You Are Beautiful
You Are Brave
You Are Worthy

It’s a small token, but sometimes validation is all a person needs to rise above their trial.

Song Beautiful Place Holder

Your donations support Healing Hearts, a local non-profit that teaches at-risk youth that their story matters! 

Through leadership training, various healing modalities, and agape love, these kids have overcome some of the worst trials of life.

I am blessed to feature them in a music video that uses the song above.

This video will be released on July 30, 2021 which is International Human Trafficking Awareness Day. 

If you are an organization that helps at-risk youth, trafficked children or any service that fortifies our kids, please consider partnering with us.  

We offer a special place at the end of the video to billboard your contact info or hotline individually.

This allows you to highlight what you do in your own community to help children.  We know that certain causes are ignored because of the weight of the problem you’re trying to tackle. 

I have seen these barriers dissolve when performing “Beautiful” at live charity events, including St. Xaviers College in Kolkata, India.

So far we have reached organizations in North Dakota, California, Cambodia, Utah, Kansas City, Thailand, Washington D.C., and Las Vegas, my hometown.

With the help of National Day Calendar we would like to organize a watch party for the video release in July, so that those who help children will understand they are not alone.

I hope you will take this opportunity to let our message work for you.”


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